Wednesday, October 8, 2008

War Eagles make a change...for the better?

I am suprised that The TIGERS and Tuberville made the change this early in the year. Most other programs would push to the end of the season and hope for a turnaround. My thought is that the lack luster "spread" attack had more to do with the play of the quarterbacks and not the offensive coordinator. How many OCs does that make now, in the last decade?

Got the recliner warmed and ready for Saturday? 3 good ones this week that will have me glued to the tube. First up, two Heisman hopefuls duel it out with the LONGHORNS and SOONERS. This should be slug fest on the ground between Colt McCoy and DeMarco Murray. My money is with the SOONERS on this one.

I'll be flipping back and forth between the LSU - FLORIDA matchup and the Ok. St. - Mizz game. The bigtime trash talk has started and the TIGERS defense is aiming to knock Tim Tebow out of the game. Did they forget that Tebow is bigger than half of the starting TIGER D? I'm no GATOR fan, but I am rootin' for them in this one.

The Ok. St. COWBOYS have the tools (rushing attack) to pull of the upset. Chase Daniels is my number two Heisman pick and I look for more of the usual out of him this week. I have MIZZ pulling off the victory by 14.

On a completely separate note, I will be calling my bank tomorrow and asking for a bailout plan to lower my interest rate. I figure that if all those who were approved for mortgages they knew they could not afford in the first place, can get help, why can't us hardworking citizens who DO pay on time....fall out.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...
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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

Can you say ROLL TIDE!? You didn't tell me that they were ranked!