Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Best NFL Conference Battle This Year?

Looking around the league through week 6, there are some tight races going on in each conference. With the exception of the NFC West and AFC North, the rest of the conferences will be fun to watch from here until the end.

Today, let's touch on the NFC East. I knew the EAST had the possibility of going 1 for 4 last Sunday after the SKINS loss but wasn't looking for the EAGLES to be the team with the one win.

First you had the SKINS go in against a
winless RAMS team, and blow a 9 point lead in the 4th Qtr to lose by 2. The SKINS need to get away from playing down to the competition and be ready this week for an energized BROWNS team.

The COWBOYS followed up by losing against the CARDINALS in OT. I picked the COWBOYS to lose but thought it would happen during regulation. Just like back in week 4 against the SKINS, you could tell who was going to win this one in the 1st Qtr. Steve Breaston filled in well for the injured Boldin, but could you imagine what would have transpired if Boldin had returned? Warner, Fitzgerald and Boldin could have had career days. The BOYS have alot of issues to overcome. You got the Romo injury...does he sit out or continue to play? The PACMAN Jones issue. I can't believe that Jerry Jones even wasted his time with this guy. This won't be the last time this year that Jones has issues. I predict he will be out of the league permanently by Christmas.

Monday night the GIANTS were supposed to come away big and remain one of the two undefeated teams in the NFL, but the BROWNS had other plans. The GIANTS defensive secondary may have been exposed as well as just how good they really are. Let's review: They beat a SKINS team who looked totally lost, both on the field and on the sidelines. Then they rattled off wins against a terrible RAMS team, and even more terrible BENGALS team (who remains winless) and the 1 win SEAHAWKS. Can you say O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D? I can. The GIANTS have 5 tough road games remaining on their schedule and look for them to lose at least 3 of those.

Now on to PHILLY.
McNabb has the offense putting points on the board, but the defense can't seem to keep their opponents from doing the same. They have a NFC ROY possibility in DeSean Jackson. The guy is explosive and has the ability to go the distance every time he touches the ball. Brian Westbrook is on the mend, and I was truly surprised that the EAGLES passed on the Roy Williams trade. Yes, Williams wasn't what everyone expected him to be in Detroit, but he didn't have a QB to make him the player he should've been. Donovan McNabb's ability to get the ball down field could have made Williams a better player and may have given the EAGLES the ability to put up enough points to secure a few more wins this year.

My unbiased opinion on who will win the NFC EAST: The Washington Redskins.
They already beat the COWBOYS and EAGLES on the road, and now everyone has to come to FedEx field. They may be 7-2 coming off a bye week when the BOYS come to town. A good weeks rest and home field advantage could do wonders....

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