Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Play or Not to Play...that is the question

So...will Romo play or not. Personally, with the way he played last week, I think they have a better chance with Brad Johnson this week. With the broken pinkie on the throwing hand, the BOYZ are better to sit him this week against the BUCS. It's a tough decision for Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones to make, especially since the RAMS will be trying to make it two in a row after beating the SKINS last week. The BOYZ have a tough road ahead with all the distractions on and off the field. I think the addition of Roy Williams will help the passing game, but do you really think he was worth a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick?

My games of the week this week:

CHARGERS at BILLS. Which CHARGERS team will show up in Buffalo?
VIKINGS at BEARS. It's a three way tie in the NFC North...I'm leaning toward the Bears on this one.

49ers at GIANTS. Can the GIANTS rebound from the beating last week?

SAINTS at PANTHERS. This one is a toss up for me. I'll take Carolina.

I will obviously be watching the SKINS this week. The BROWNS are coming off the beat down they gave the GIANTS. Can the SKINS offense please put up enough points so that the D doesn't have to win the game for us in the 4th?

I don't have alot of time today to do numbers 11 through 15, but can hit a few.... Here's 11 and 12 on the all time Best Football players to wear the jersey:


Winner: Norm Van Brocklin QB/Punter (Los Angeles Rams 1949-57) (Philadelphia Eagles 1958-60)

9 time Pro Bowl selection. 4 time All Pro. NFL MVP 1960. Two time Super Bowl Champion. Over 23,000 yds. passing. 42.9 punting average for career.

Runner up: Matt Leinart QB (University of Southern California 2002-2005)
USC's All time leader in TDs. Left USC with over 10,500 career passing yds. Heisman Trophy winner 2005. Led USC to AP National Championship in 2003. 2003 Rose Bowl MVP. Led USC to BCS National Championship in 2004.


Winner: Ok here we go...the great debate. We got three QBs that each won two, three or four Super Bowls.

I have to pick one and here he is...
Terry Bradshaw QB Pittsburgh Steelers (1970-83)

Led the Steelers to 4 Super Bowl Championships from 1975-80. 3 time Pro Bowl selection. 4 time All Pro selection. Retired from the NFL with almost 28,000 career passing yds. 2 time Super Bowl MVP. NFL MVP 1978. Named to the NFL All Decade Team (70s). Inducted into College Football HOF in 1996. Pro Football HOF inductee 1989.

Runner up: Roger Staubach QB US Naval Academy (1962-64) Dallas Cowboys (1969-79)

Heisman Trophy and Maxwell award winner in 1963. Led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl Championships (1971 and 1977). Super Bowl VI MVP. 6 time Pro Bowl Selection. 5 time All Pro selection. Named to NFL All Decade Team (70s).

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots (2000-)

Led the Patriots to 3 Super Bowl Championships in four years. 2 time Super Bowl MVP. 4 time Pro Bowl selection. 3 time All Pro selection. NFL MVP 2007. AP NFL Offensinve POY 2007.
Ok...done for tonight got to get to the recliner to settle in for the FSU-NC St. game and the BYU-TCU games. Fall out....

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