Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Great Start to a Great Year

What a start to the year for all us football fans. I am more of a college gridiron fan, but if there was a year to watch the NFL, this is it. Let's talk a little AFC...The BILLS are the best team in the Division?? Hardly. Just look at the overall records of the teams they beat so far, (4-11). Two of the teams (RAMS and RAIDERS) have fired both their coaches, and the SEAHAWKS are playing terrible football right now. The JAGS have a rough upcoming two weeks against the STEELERS and BRONCOS, and with a secondary filled with injuries BigBen and JC could put up big numbers for you fantasy fans. The JAGS could win 5 out of their next 8 and if they can get by the TITANS in week 11 and could be 8-4 by the time they play the BEARS, but they will have to rely heavily on their offense due to a not so dominating defense this year. Garrard will have to pull off some late 4th Qtr. performances again this year for this team to pull it off.

Raider fans...I feel for you. This guy has got to go.

The TITANS might look good now, and looked very impressive against the VIKINGS but have a rough 5 game skid in weeks 8 through 12. The teams lone brightspot, rookie phenom Chris Johnson is putting up 5.0yds a carry. Vince Young (now the number 3 QB on the roster) starts practice again this week and if Kerry Collins can't stay healthy don't expect Chris Sims to carry them into the playoffs.

Now on to the team everyone loves to hate, the PATS. You know it's true and don't try to say otherwise. Deep in the back of our minds, some of us even prayed for it, we all wished this day of doom would come to Brady and the PATS. Time to step down this year to give some other teams in the AFC a chance. Let's face the facts...Cassel can't spread the ball around like Brady and with a two game road trip at the 49ers and CHARGERS, and then the BRONCOS back home, they could be on the way to missing the playoffs for the first time since 2000.

Now let me throw something in from way out in left field, the JETS will win the AFC East. I think it is what we all want to see and that's one reason why everyones tuning in to any and every JETS game they can. ESPECIALLY ALL YOU CHEESEHEADS!! I see the BRETTS winning the next 5 and maybe more. Yes the defense got burned by the most dynamic receiving duo in the league last week, but no one else on their schedule comes close to that passing ability until they face the BRONCOS in week 13.

Alright, the CHARGERS got screwed in week 2 and should be 3-1 and at the top of the AFC West. Phillip Rivers and LT has a rough 3 Qtrs last week, but turned on the heat to pick up the win. If the defense can hold off any more last minute comebacks by the opposition, the CHARGERS could be in the hunt and 7-2 heading into PITTSBURGH in week 11.

Ok, lets touch on the AFC North and get out of here for today. The STEELERS are the team to beat but better have their "A" game ready for a hungry JAGS team next week. The STEELERS have a tough road ahead with the like of the JAGS, GIANTS, SKINS, COLTS, and CHARGERS this could be rough. The exception would be the BENGALS in two weeks and again after the CHARGERS in week 12. As for the RAVENS, Joe Flacco isn't ready for the speed of the NFL quite yet and the offensive line was flat out dominated Monday night. This could be the norm and weeks 11 through 17 don't look promising.

Let's take a look at the my AFC power rankings through week 4:


I know, I know. How can I have two undefeated teams below a team with a loss? Again, just look at the combined records of the opponents the TITANS and BILLS have faced this year (7-23). Enough said.

Friday I talk NFC, the SKINS, my two cents on Matt Millen's firing, and top it off with some ROY talk.
Until next time.... fall out.

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