Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Conference Division Battles (cont.) The NFC South

The PANTHERS have a test this week with Kurt Warner and the CARDINALS coming to town. The CARDS beat the BILLS and BOYS without Anquan Boldin, and if he is back this week, look for some fireworks in Charlotte. The PANTHERS last six games of the year are the toughest they come. In week 12 they go from the Dome in Atlanta to week 13 out in the cold at Lambeau. If they can put the FALCONS and PACKERS away in back to back road games, I look for them home and put away the BUCS for the Division.

Are the FALCONS the surprise of the NFC this year? Michael Turner is performing like everyone knew he would, but Matt Ryan is doing way better than anyone expected. Ryan has only thrown 5 TDs, but with the exception of week 2, he hasn’t made many mistakes. He had his first 300 yd. game against the BEARS back in week 6, but that was against one of this year’s worst defenses against the pass. The FALCONS head to PHILLY this week and M. Turner has to face the best run Defense he has faced this year. If Turner can’t run through the EAGLES, I don’t expect M. Ryan to be able to make the plays to win the game. The FALCONS, my opinion have too tough a schedule remaining and let’s remember, a ROOKIE at QB. On the other hand, where would they be without him?

Can the SAINTS rebound from last week? Drew Brees is putting up MVP numbers this year and could surpass the 5,000 yard mark. New flash for the SAINTS, you can’t win games if you can score TDs. All the SAINTS can hope for is that Reggie Bush is healthy by week 13. I think the SAINTS can pull off the win in Atlanta just by passing the ball, but they will need a good overall offensive game to beat the BUCS and PANTHERS later down the road.

This Division is a tough one to call. The PANTHERS, SAINTS, and FALCONS all rely heavily on one player (Delhomme, Brees, Ryan) to get them to the promise land. The BUCS have two (Garcia and Griese) that have shown the ability to win this year. Takers anyone???

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Best by Jersey continued...


Winner: Dan Marino QB Miami Dolphins (1983-1999)

9 time Pro Bowl selection. 8 time All Pro selection. NFL MVP 1984. 1984 Offensive POY. 2nd All Time in passing yards (61,361), passing TDs (420) and completions (4,967). First Rookie QB to start in a Pro Bowl. Holds record for most passing yards in season (5,084) in 1984. Third all time wins by a starting QB (147).
Runner up: Dan Marino QB Pittsburgh Panthers (1979-1982)

Career record of 40-7 while at Pitt. If anyone can find more stats on him while at Pitt, please post them.


Winner: Dan Fouts QB San Diego Chargers (1973-1987)

6 time Pro Bowl selection. 1979 Pro Bowl MVP. NFL Offensive POY 1982. NFLs All Decade Team (80s). 9th All Time in career passing yds (43,040). 12th All Time in career Passing TDs (254). Led NFL in passing yards from 1979-1982. The first QB to throw for 4,000 yds. in back to back seasons.

Runner up: Ty Detmer QB Brigham Young Cougars (1987-1992)

Had arguably the greatest seasons for a starting QB in the history of the NCAA in 1990. He passes for 5,188 yards and 41 TDs. He finished that year with 42 NCAA records. Heisman Trophy, Davy O'Brien and Maxwell award winner in 1990. Davey O'Brien award winner in 1992. Finished 3rd in Heisman voting 1992. Amassed over 16,000 passing yards and 127 TDs. Finished his career with 59 NCAA records.

The Best Battle continued...the NFC North

There's a new leader in Green Bay, the BEARS may have found the running game in RB Matt Forte, and the VIKINGS are wishing they had Brett right about now. All three of these teams are tied in the win - loss column but the PACKERS have the edge through week 6.

The PACK may have some trouble this week with Peyton Manning and the COLTS, who just dismantled the top defense in the NFL last week. With Al Harris out again this week, can the PACKERS secondary stop the duo of Harrison and Wayne? Doubt it. After a much needed rest in week 8, Aaron Rodgers will take the team on a two game road trip against the TITANS (who I expect to be 6-1 at that point) and the VIKINGS whom they beat in week 1. The PACKERS chances to win the Division should be clear by week 12 and it doesn't look good. I have them losing that three game stretch (weeks 11 - 13).

The BEARS are sitting at .500 due to 3 losses in which they lost by a total of 8 points. All three losses,by the way, came from 3 pretty good teams all from the same Division. The BEARS have the ability to put points on the board, but can their defense do enough to keep them in the win column? It going to be a tough road but I think they have the best chance to win the division. We'll have to wait and see but they should beat the VIKINGS twice and may split with the PACKERS.

Finally, the VIKINGS. Adrian Peterson may be the only reason the VIKINGS have a chance this year, but without a QB, I just don't see them finishing on top. The trouble for them comes in weeks 10 through 13 where they face two Division rivals and two road games against the BUCS and JAGS. Bye week 13 the VIKINGS my be too beat up to finish. I have them playing for the Division lead when the BEARS come to town, but I have the BEARS walking out winners.

My pick for the NFC North....Da' BEARS.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Best NFL Conference Battle This Year?

Looking around the league through week 6, there are some tight races going on in each conference. With the exception of the NFC West and AFC North, the rest of the conferences will be fun to watch from here until the end.

Today, let's touch on the NFC East. I knew the EAST had the possibility of going 1 for 4 last Sunday after the SKINS loss but wasn't looking for the EAGLES to be the team with the one win.

First you had the SKINS go in against a
winless RAMS team, and blow a 9 point lead in the 4th Qtr to lose by 2. The SKINS need to get away from playing down to the competition and be ready this week for an energized BROWNS team.

The COWBOYS followed up by losing against the CARDINALS in OT. I picked the COWBOYS to lose but thought it would happen during regulation. Just like back in week 4 against the SKINS, you could tell who was going to win this one in the 1st Qtr. Steve Breaston filled in well for the injured Boldin, but could you imagine what would have transpired if Boldin had returned? Warner, Fitzgerald and Boldin could have had career days. The BOYS have alot of issues to overcome. You got the Romo injury...does he sit out or continue to play? The PACMAN Jones issue. I can't believe that Jerry Jones even wasted his time with this guy. This won't be the last time this year that Jones has issues. I predict he will be out of the league permanently by Christmas.

Monday night the GIANTS were supposed to come away big and remain one of the two undefeated teams in the NFL, but the BROWNS had other plans. The GIANTS defensive secondary may have been exposed as well as just how good they really are. Let's review: They beat a SKINS team who looked totally lost, both on the field and on the sidelines. Then they rattled off wins against a terrible RAMS team, and even more terrible BENGALS team (who remains winless) and the 1 win SEAHAWKS. Can you say O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D? I can. The GIANTS have 5 tough road games remaining on their schedule and look for them to lose at least 3 of those.

Now on to PHILLY.
McNabb has the offense putting points on the board, but the defense can't seem to keep their opponents from doing the same. They have a NFC ROY possibility in DeSean Jackson. The guy is explosive and has the ability to go the distance every time he touches the ball. Brian Westbrook is on the mend, and I was truly surprised that the EAGLES passed on the Roy Williams trade. Yes, Williams wasn't what everyone expected him to be in Detroit, but he didn't have a QB to make him the player he should've been. Donovan McNabb's ability to get the ball down field could have made Williams a better player and may have given the EAGLES the ability to put up enough points to secure a few more wins this year.

My unbiased opinion on who will win the NFC EAST: The Washington Redskins.
They already beat the COWBOYS and EAGLES on the road, and now everyone has to come to FedEx field. They may be 7-2 coming off a bye week when the BOYS come to town. A good weeks rest and home field advantage could do wonders....

To Play or Not to Play...that is the question

So...will Romo play or not. Personally, with the way he played last week, I think they have a better chance with Brad Johnson this week. With the broken pinkie on the throwing hand, the BOYZ are better to sit him this week against the BUCS. It's a tough decision for Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones to make, especially since the RAMS will be trying to make it two in a row after beating the SKINS last week. The BOYZ have a tough road ahead with all the distractions on and off the field. I think the addition of Roy Williams will help the passing game, but do you really think he was worth a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick?

My games of the week this week:

CHARGERS at BILLS. Which CHARGERS team will show up in Buffalo?
VIKINGS at BEARS. It's a three way tie in the NFC North...I'm leaning toward the Bears on this one.

49ers at GIANTS. Can the GIANTS rebound from the beating last week?

SAINTS at PANTHERS. This one is a toss up for me. I'll take Carolina.

I will obviously be watching the SKINS this week. The BROWNS are coming off the beat down they gave the GIANTS. Can the SKINS offense please put up enough points so that the D doesn't have to win the game for us in the 4th?

I don't have alot of time today to do numbers 11 through 15, but can hit a few.... Here's 11 and 12 on the all time Best Football players to wear the jersey:


Winner: Norm Van Brocklin QB/Punter (Los Angeles Rams 1949-57) (Philadelphia Eagles 1958-60)

9 time Pro Bowl selection. 4 time All Pro. NFL MVP 1960. Two time Super Bowl Champion. Over 23,000 yds. passing. 42.9 punting average for career.

Runner up: Matt Leinart QB (University of Southern California 2002-2005)
USC's All time leader in TDs. Left USC with over 10,500 career passing yds. Heisman Trophy winner 2005. Led USC to AP National Championship in 2003. 2003 Rose Bowl MVP. Led USC to BCS National Championship in 2004.


Winner: Ok here we go...the great debate. We got three QBs that each won two, three or four Super Bowls.

I have to pick one and here he is...
Terry Bradshaw QB Pittsburgh Steelers (1970-83)

Led the Steelers to 4 Super Bowl Championships from 1975-80. 3 time Pro Bowl selection. 4 time All Pro selection. Retired from the NFL with almost 28,000 career passing yds. 2 time Super Bowl MVP. NFL MVP 1978. Named to the NFL All Decade Team (70s). Inducted into College Football HOF in 1996. Pro Football HOF inductee 1989.

Runner up: Roger Staubach QB US Naval Academy (1962-64) Dallas Cowboys (1969-79)

Heisman Trophy and Maxwell award winner in 1963. Led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl Championships (1971 and 1977). Super Bowl VI MVP. 6 time Pro Bowl Selection. 5 time All Pro selection. Named to NFL All Decade Team (70s).

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots (2000-)

Led the Patriots to 3 Super Bowl Championships in four years. 2 time Super Bowl MVP. 4 time Pro Bowl selection. 3 time All Pro selection. NFL MVP 2007. AP NFL Offensinve POY 2007.
Ok...done for tonight got to get to the recliner to settle in for the FSU-NC St. game and the BYU-TCU games. Fall out....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Alexander to the SKINS?

Makes sense to me. With the injury to Ladell Betts this week, the addition of the former NFL MVP could give the SKINS running attack the added dimension it needs when Portis is resting and enable the SKINS to finish off games from here on out.

Will the NFC East go 1 for 4?

What a day for the NFC East. Would have been 0 for 3 if the EAGLES didn't score 23 in the 4th qtr.

I knew the CARDS would win, but didn't think it would be in overtime. Romo was in rare playoff form, wasn't he? I doubt it will happen, but now I am hoping the GIANTS can slip up tonight so that the SKINS loss doesn't have that big of an impact on the standings.

Lookout AFC, Peyton and the COLTS came alive and put a woopin' on the RAVENS.
The BUCS suprised me yesterday with a blowout of the PANTHERS. I thought it would be a closer game and that the PANTHERS would pick up the win but we have a battle on hand in the NFC South.

The suprise of the NFC has got to be the FALCONS. They play a tough run defense next week against the EAGLES, but could suprise us again and pick up 2 out of their next 3.

Anybody have a guess on the NFC North? Looks like .500 could win you the division in this one. Sounds like the NFC East....

What was with the PATS timeout last night with :02 left on the clock? Take the loss and get off the field why don't ya. Can the CHARGERS keep it going, or are they going to win one and then lose one all year?

Alright, had to rush through so I can get back to the Jersey list. Here's Numbers 6 -10:


I did alot of research on this one, but I couldn't find anyone worthy to put up here:

Bubby Brister? QB Steelers, No.
Robbie Bosco QB BYU
. Maybe. Led the COUGARS to only National Championship.


Winner: John Elway QB Denver Broncos (1983-1998)

Number one pick in NFL Draft in 1983. 9 time Pro Bowler. 5 time All-Pro. 1987 NFL MVP. Super Bowl MVP. Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

Runner up: Danny Wuerffel QB Florida Gators (1993-1996)

I played against this guy in High School. He put up some pretty good numbers at Fort Walton Beach High, and I can remember they squeezed a out a win our senior year in the rain. I think they went on to win State that year (1991).
Heisman Trophy winner 1996. Led the GATORS to National Championship that year. Won 4 SEC Titles. Two time First Team All American. Two time Davey O'Brien award winner. Johnny Unitas award winner. Sammy Baugh award winner. Most decorated player in GATOR history.

Honorable Mention: John Elway QB Stanford (1979-1982)


Winner: Troy Aikman QB Dallas Cowboys (1989-2000)

Number one pick in 1989 NFL Draft. 6 time Pro Bowler. 3 time All Pro. Led Cowboys to 3 Super Bowl Championships. Super Bowl XXVII MVP. Most wins by any QB in a decade (90s)

Runner Up: Davey O'Brien QB TCU (1935-1938)

O'Brien was the first player ever to win the Heisman, Walter Camp and Maxwell Award in the same year. Led TCU to National Championship in 1938. He has a College Award named for him so he has to be on the list.

Honorable Mention: Steve Young QB San Fransisco 49ers (1987-1999)

7 time Pro Bowl and ALL PRO selection. 3 time Super Bowl Champion. MVP Super Bowl XXIX. Two time NFL MVP. NFL Offensive Player of the Year 1992. 96.8 Career QB rating is best all time.


Winner: Sonny Jurgensen QB Philadelphia Eagles (1957-1963) Washington
Redskins (1964-1974)

5 time Pro Bowl and All Pro selection. NFLs All Decade Team (60s). One of the 70 Greatest Redskins.

Runner Up: Jim McMahon QB BYU Cougars (1977-1981)
Over 9500 career passing yards at BYU. Left BYU with 70 NCAA records. 1st round Draft pick by Chicago Bears in 1982. Won Davey O'Brien award in 1981. NFC Rookie of Year in 1982. Two time Super Bowl Champion (Bears, Packers). 1991 Comeback Player of Year.


Winner: Fran Tarkenton QB Minnesota Vikings (1961-66, 1972-78)

NY Giants (1967-71)

9 time Pro Bowl selection. 6 time All Pro. 1975 NFL MVP. 1975 Offensive Player of the Year. 1964 Pro Bowl MVP. Vikings career passing leader (33,098 yds) and TD leader (239). Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986 and College Football HOF in 1987.

Runner up: Vince Young QB Texas Longhorns (2003-2005)

Dual Threat QB who passed for 1,849 yds and rushed for 1,189 yds his sophomore season in 2004. Won Rose Bowl and finished 11-1 his first year as a full-time starter. Put up one of the most dominating single performances in NCAA history in 2005 during the BCS Championship Game against then No.1 USC Trojans. Ran for 200 yds. and passed for 267 yds. 2005 Rose Bowl MVP. 2005 Davey O'Brien award winner. Career record at Texas was 30-2. #10 on ESPNs all time College Players in the history of NCAA.

Honorable mention: Me. QB, TE Pine Forest High School (1987-1991)

Until next time....fall out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

By The Numbers...Who's the Best?

When you think of a football jersey number, for example, the greatest player to wear the #22: who do you think of? Emmitt Smith RB Dallas Cowboys or Doug Flutie QB Boston College? Over the next few weeks, I will stir up those arguments and try to go from 1 to 99. Today I tackle the numbers 1 to 5....


Winner: Warren Moon QB (Houston, Minnesota, Seattle and KC)

Hall of Fame Quaterback and two league star of both the CFL and NFL. His best years came while he was leading the Houston Oilers. 9 time Pro Bowler, almost 50,000 passing yards (4th All time), also won the Grey Cup while in the CFL.

Runner up: Anthony Carter WR (Michigan 1979-1982)

3 time All American, 4th in Heisman Trophy ballot his senior season. Finished with 3,076 yards. Electrified opponents with pure speed as a WR and Punt returner.


Winner: Deion Sanders DB (Florida State Seminoles 1986-1989)

Two time All American, 14 Career interceptions, Jim Thorpe award winner in 1988. Dynamic punt returner who had the ability to go the distance everytime he touched the ball. Jersey was retired by FSU in 1995.

Runner up: Charles Woodson DB (Michigan Wolverines 1995-1997)

Heisman Trophy winner in 1997. Bronco Nagurksi award winner. 3 time All Big Ten player, two-time All American. Two time Chevrolet Defensive player of the year, Woodson was also the Jim Thorpe award winner in 1997. Helped team win share of National Championship that year.


Winner: Carson Palmer QB (USC Trojans 1998-2002)

Heisman trophy winner 2002. Only the second freshman ever to be named starting QB for the Trojans. PAC-10 All Time leading passer with over 11,000 yds.

Runner Up:
Joe Montana QB (Notre Dame 1974-1979)

"The Comback Kid" Led the Fighting Irish to the National Title in 1978 with a win over Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Had reputation of coming in late in the game and leading the Irish to victory before finally getting the role as starting QB in 1977.

Honorable Mention: Bronko Nagurski FB (Chicago Bears 1930-1937, 1943)

The only player in the history of the NFL to be named All Pro in 3 different positions.
Elected to Hall of Fame in 1963. Number 3 retired by the Bears.


Winner: Brett Farve QB (Atlanta 1991, Green Bay 1992-2007, New York Jets 2008-)

Only player to win 3 consecutive League MVPs. 9 time Pro Bowler. Most wins by any QB in history. All time leader in TDs, completions, attempts, and interceptions. Brett Farve has 257 consecutive starts, the most in the history of the NFL.

Runner Up:

No one else comes to mind that deserves mention...


Winner: Reggie Bush RB (USC 2003-2005)

Heisman Trophy, Doak Walker and Watler Camp award winner in 2005. AP Player of the Year 2005. In 2005, has over 2,600 all purpose yards and 18 TDs. PAC-10 Offensive Player of the Year. The 12th player in the history of NCAA to surpass 2,000 all purpose yards twice. One of the top 25 NCAA players of All Time.

Runner Up: Paul Hornung QB, HB (Notre Dame 1954-1956, Green Bay Packers 1957-1962, 64-66)

The "Golden Boy" was the only player ever to be awarded the Heisman trophy from a losing team. In 1956 Notre Dame went 2-8. Hornung played several postions on Offense and played Defense and was a kicker for the Irish. Hornung was the No. 1 overall draft pick in 1957. He led the league in scoring for three consecutive years (1959-61). He held the record for the most points scored in a season (176) until 2006. Two time Pro Bowler, All American and League MVP. Elected to both the College and NFL Football Hall of Fame.

Honorable Mention: Donovan McNabb QB (Syracuse 1994-1998, Philadelphia Eagles 1999-)

Big East Offensive Player of the Decade. Big East record for TDs, passing yards and offensive yeards. Two time Pro Bowl selection.

Tomorrow I will recap Saturday's big matchups and hit number 6-10 on the All Time Jersey list. Fall out....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Blackeye to the league...

Adam "Pacman" Jones needs to go. The guy is nothing but trouble and I expect at least one more altercation by the end of the year to hit the news wire. I don't understand how someone that has had issues in the past, had to sit out an entire year for the s!#t, can't keep himself out of trouble. Once a thug, always a thug. Hey Deion and Michael, I thought you were holding this guy's hand. Better get him back in line quick. You'll need it when you come into FedEx field....

On a separate note, this kid is unbelievable

Alright here are my predictions for Sunday:

Chicago over Atlanta
Indy over Baltimore
Minnesota over Detroit
New Orleans over Oakland
BRETTS over Bengals
Panthers over BUCS
SKINS over Rams
Miami over Houston
49ers over EAGLES

My play of the week...and not just because it's the SKINS

...fall out

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

War Eagles make a change...for the better?

I am suprised that The TIGERS and Tuberville made the change this early in the year. Most other programs would push to the end of the season and hope for a turnaround. My thought is that the lack luster "spread" attack had more to do with the play of the quarterbacks and not the offensive coordinator. How many OCs does that make now, in the last decade?

Got the recliner warmed and ready for Saturday? 3 good ones this week that will have me glued to the tube. First up, two Heisman hopefuls duel it out with the LONGHORNS and SOONERS. This should be slug fest on the ground between Colt McCoy and DeMarco Murray. My money is with the SOONERS on this one.

I'll be flipping back and forth between the LSU - FLORIDA matchup and the Ok. St. - Mizz game. The bigtime trash talk has started and the TIGERS defense is aiming to knock Tim Tebow out of the game. Did they forget that Tebow is bigger than half of the starting TIGER D? I'm no GATOR fan, but I am rootin' for them in this one.

The Ok. St. COWBOYS have the tools (rushing attack) to pull of the upset. Chase Daniels is my number two Heisman pick and I look for more of the usual out of him this week. I have MIZZ pulling off the victory by 14.

On a completely separate note, I will be calling my bank tomorrow and asking for a bailout plan to lower my interest rate. I figure that if all those who were approved for mortgages they knew they could not afford in the first place, can get help, why can't us hardworking citizens who DO pay on time....fall out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Portis Pounds the Eagles D'

Who thought that these SKINS could win two conference games in a row AND do it on the road....believe it. All you non-believers climb aboard and hold on for a great ride. A record of 4-1 with the next two at home against the winless RAMS and then the BROWNS. OOOHHH my mouth is watering. Then we head to the Motor City for a tough one (are you laughing too?) against the LIONS. 7-1 would look good by the time Big Ben and the Steelers head into FedEx field in week 9. Follow that up with a full week of rest for us and the COWBOYZ before ACT 2, presents a great battle that could be for a potential Division Lead. I'll stop right there to see if my scenario pans out before I go too much further (this week).

Speaking of the BOYZ...with the way they played yesterday I am sticking to my guns and think the CARDS will pull off the W this week sending TO back to blaming everyone that is NOT him for the loss. Excuse me TO, but you did have the ball thrown your direction 18 times in the SKINS loss and how many did you catch? By the way Coach Zorn, Randle El needs some "HOW TO CATCH 101" training this week.

Now for the GIANTS, they won.

No really, by beating the SEAHAWKS the way they did just proves that my scenario (REDSKINS being 8-1 on the road to SEATTLE) is pretty obtainable. As for the GIANTS, yes they look good and Hixon did a great job filling in for the suspended Plaxico Burress. Brandon Jacobs is a beast, but the schedule just doesn't bode well for the Super Bowl Champs. BIG ROAD games remain on the horizon.

Look out, the PANTHERS found a running game and that spells trouble.

Warner and the CARDS had no trouble with the BILLS, and if Boldin comes back next week could put up a string of suprise wins. Look out NFC West.

PITTSBURGH has played two battles in a row, and should be pretty beat up. TENNESSEE pulled off a close one, but I only give them one more and then the losses come in bunches. Will Peyton turn the COLTS around? I have them losing at least 2 out of the next 5. They will probably win their Division, but that is about all they will do this year.

And finally the CHARGERS? Which team will show up next week? Is the blown call against the BRONCOS in week 2 still on their minds? They bounced back BIG TIME against the BRETTS and then had to come from behind to beat the RAIDERS. Sorry LT, but this may not be your year....AGAIN!

Well the VIKINGS are down in the 1st and if they don't pull this one off, look for John David Booty to get some reps. The PACKERS knew exactly what they were doing.....fall out.

Frank my man...stick to the MADDENisms. This just stinks!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tigers get Tamed in Music City

Ok not only was the Vandy grade point average better than Auburn Saturday night, but so were the points on the scoreboard. The Tigers came out charging putting up two scores in the first quarter, but a missed PAT proved fatal in the end. I predict a few more losses from the Tigers the way they are playing. Vandy now sits atop the SEC East but will lose at least 4 out of the next 6 with Georgia, Duke, Florida, Kentucky and Wake Forest still ahead.

Matt Sanchez and USC recovered from their loss to Oregon St. with a big second qtr. by throwing all over what some thought was the best secondary in the PAC Ten. Missouri put a whoopin' on the Cornhuskers and Chase Daniels threw for 3 TDs giving him 15 on the year against only 1 INT. Is his Heisman speech ready?

The Gators rebounded from last week to beat up on the Razorbacks, but don't look for it to be that easy next week when the Bayou Bengals come to town. The Crimson Tide survived a scare putting up huge numbers on the ground, and face the Gator hater Ole Miss Rebels next.

On to what everyone remembers as being the game of the year in the 90s, FSU and Miami. The two combined for 80 points (the most in the history of the rivalry) but blame that on two terrible defenses. The Noles has a field day on the ground with Antoine Smith rushing for 4 TDs. I don't expect them to win the ACC , but they have the ability to win at least 3 more games this year.
USF has 6 conference games remaining, can they pull out a Big East title? We will see. That is all for today... Fall out.

Hope the SKINS come ready to play today...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Could this year be a repeat for the NFC?

The GIANTS are the only unbeaten team so far but let's look at their victims. They played the winless BENGALS and RAMS, and in week 1 they played a SKINS team that was absolutley lost in not only week 1, but the last two pre-season games. Seattle has a pretty good run defense, but look for the GIANT trio of backs to get alot of action, especially with Buress is out this week. They should be able to pull out the next two, but the rest of their schedule and NFC East await.

Will the COWBOYS recover from last week? They should against the winless BENGALS this week, but they better run the ball more than the 11 attempts against the SKINS last week. Felix Jones is averaging 8.2 yds and Barber should make his Fantasy owners happy again. With the exception of week 7 and maybe 13, it's hard to say how the BOYZ will finish this year. Everyone else on their shedule is playing well and tough road games at the GIANTS, SKINS, STEELERS, and EAGLES remain. I will be bold enough to say this...if Anquan Boldin is healthy next Sunday, the CARDINALS will put up big numbers on the BOYZ.

Now for the BUCS and PANTHERS. With Muhammad healthy and Steve Smith on the field, Delhomme should have a good Fantasy year. It's the lack of a running game that will hurt the PANTHERS this year. DeAngelo Williams hasn't scored a TD yet, and neither him or Jonathan Stewart have eclipsed the century mark. Brian Griese is 3-0 at the helm, but what happens this week on the road against the team that drafted him? The other stat that doesn't bode well for the BUCS, Mike Shanahan has only lost one time in the 9 meetings he has had with Jon Gruden.

The last team I touch on this week is my beloved SKINS. Watching them in week 1 reminded me of the Spurrier days, but it looks like Coach Z has Jason Campbell spreading the ball around pretty well. The poise of Jason Campbell is what has impressed me most the last three games. He is stepping up deeper in the pocket and has even been able to slip out on occasion to keep the play going. With Santana Moss eating up the secondary the last three weeks and Cooley and Randle El making plays, Campbell should have a great year. By the way he's thrown over 120 passes this year without an INT. We play a banged up EAGLES team in Philly this week and if we can get by them, the next three weeks look promising.

Ok my NFC Power Ranking for the week:


My Early ROY Candidates:

NFC: DeSean Jackson WR Eagles, Matt Forte RB Bears
AFC: Chris Johnson RB Titans, Eddie Royal WR Broncos

Since I started this thing late in the week I will touch real quick on this Saturday's games. USC could go down for the second week in a row, and my Auburn Tigers play an undefeated Vandy team. The Auburn offense has done nothing the last three weeks...look out War Eagles. The Gators don't look impressive this year and with Coach Meyer's new plan for Tebow, don't look for the Gator QB to be in the Heisman race this year. My top two on the list are RB Javon Ringer (Mich St.) and QB Chase Daniels (Mizz). Oh and with BYU's schedule, they have the chance to run the tables right into a BCS bowl game.

Sunday I will recap the top College games and talk some on the teams from the Sunshine State. I thought USF had a chance...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Great Start to a Great Year

What a start to the year for all us football fans. I am more of a college gridiron fan, but if there was a year to watch the NFL, this is it. Let's talk a little AFC...The BILLS are the best team in the Division?? Hardly. Just look at the overall records of the teams they beat so far, (4-11). Two of the teams (RAMS and RAIDERS) have fired both their coaches, and the SEAHAWKS are playing terrible football right now. The JAGS have a rough upcoming two weeks against the STEELERS and BRONCOS, and with a secondary filled with injuries BigBen and JC could put up big numbers for you fantasy fans. The JAGS could win 5 out of their next 8 and if they can get by the TITANS in week 11 and could be 8-4 by the time they play the BEARS, but they will have to rely heavily on their offense due to a not so dominating defense this year. Garrard will have to pull off some late 4th Qtr. performances again this year for this team to pull it off.

Raider fans...I feel for you. This guy has got to go.

The TITANS might look good now, and looked very impressive against the VIKINGS but have a rough 5 game skid in weeks 8 through 12. The teams lone brightspot, rookie phenom Chris Johnson is putting up 5.0yds a carry. Vince Young (now the number 3 QB on the roster) starts practice again this week and if Kerry Collins can't stay healthy don't expect Chris Sims to carry them into the playoffs.

Now on to the team everyone loves to hate, the PATS. You know it's true and don't try to say otherwise. Deep in the back of our minds, some of us even prayed for it, we all wished this day of doom would come to Brady and the PATS. Time to step down this year to give some other teams in the AFC a chance. Let's face the facts...Cassel can't spread the ball around like Brady and with a two game road trip at the 49ers and CHARGERS, and then the BRONCOS back home, they could be on the way to missing the playoffs for the first time since 2000.

Now let me throw something in from way out in left field, the JETS will win the AFC East. I think it is what we all want to see and that's one reason why everyones tuning in to any and every JETS game they can. ESPECIALLY ALL YOU CHEESEHEADS!! I see the BRETTS winning the next 5 and maybe more. Yes the defense got burned by the most dynamic receiving duo in the league last week, but no one else on their schedule comes close to that passing ability until they face the BRONCOS in week 13.

Alright, the CHARGERS got screwed in week 2 and should be 3-1 and at the top of the AFC West. Phillip Rivers and LT has a rough 3 Qtrs last week, but turned on the heat to pick up the win. If the defense can hold off any more last minute comebacks by the opposition, the CHARGERS could be in the hunt and 7-2 heading into PITTSBURGH in week 11.

Ok, lets touch on the AFC North and get out of here for today. The STEELERS are the team to beat but better have their "A" game ready for a hungry JAGS team next week. The STEELERS have a tough road ahead with the like of the JAGS, GIANTS, SKINS, COLTS, and CHARGERS this could be rough. The exception would be the BENGALS in two weeks and again after the CHARGERS in week 12. As for the RAVENS, Joe Flacco isn't ready for the speed of the NFL quite yet and the offensive line was flat out dominated Monday night. This could be the norm and weeks 11 through 17 don't look promising.

Let's take a look at the my AFC power rankings through week 4:


I know, I know. How can I have two undefeated teams below a team with a loss? Again, just look at the combined records of the opponents the TITANS and BILLS have faced this year (7-23). Enough said.

Friday I talk NFC, the SKINS, my two cents on Matt Millen's firing, and top it off with some ROY talk.
Until next time.... fall out.