Monday, October 6, 2008

Portis Pounds the Eagles D'

Who thought that these SKINS could win two conference games in a row AND do it on the road....believe it. All you non-believers climb aboard and hold on for a great ride. A record of 4-1 with the next two at home against the winless RAMS and then the BROWNS. OOOHHH my mouth is watering. Then we head to the Motor City for a tough one (are you laughing too?) against the LIONS. 7-1 would look good by the time Big Ben and the Steelers head into FedEx field in week 9. Follow that up with a full week of rest for us and the COWBOYZ before ACT 2, presents a great battle that could be for a potential Division Lead. I'll stop right there to see if my scenario pans out before I go too much further (this week).

Speaking of the BOYZ...with the way they played yesterday I am sticking to my guns and think the CARDS will pull off the W this week sending TO back to blaming everyone that is NOT him for the loss. Excuse me TO, but you did have the ball thrown your direction 18 times in the SKINS loss and how many did you catch? By the way Coach Zorn, Randle El needs some "HOW TO CATCH 101" training this week.

Now for the GIANTS, they won.

No really, by beating the SEAHAWKS the way they did just proves that my scenario (REDSKINS being 8-1 on the road to SEATTLE) is pretty obtainable. As for the GIANTS, yes they look good and Hixon did a great job filling in for the suspended Plaxico Burress. Brandon Jacobs is a beast, but the schedule just doesn't bode well for the Super Bowl Champs. BIG ROAD games remain on the horizon.

Look out, the PANTHERS found a running game and that spells trouble.

Warner and the CARDS had no trouble with the BILLS, and if Boldin comes back next week could put up a string of suprise wins. Look out NFC West.

PITTSBURGH has played two battles in a row, and should be pretty beat up. TENNESSEE pulled off a close one, but I only give them one more and then the losses come in bunches. Will Peyton turn the COLTS around? I have them losing at least 2 out of the next 5. They will probably win their Division, but that is about all they will do this year.

And finally the CHARGERS? Which team will show up next week? Is the blown call against the BRONCOS in week 2 still on their minds? They bounced back BIG TIME against the BRETTS and then had to come from behind to beat the RAIDERS. Sorry LT, but this may not be your year....AGAIN!

Well the VIKINGS are down in the 1st and if they don't pull this one off, look for John David Booty to get some reps. The PACKERS knew exactly what they were doing.....fall out.

Frank my man...stick to the MADDENisms. This just stinks!!!!

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