Friday, October 17, 2008

The Best Battle continued...the NFC North

There's a new leader in Green Bay, the BEARS may have found the running game in RB Matt Forte, and the VIKINGS are wishing they had Brett right about now. All three of these teams are tied in the win - loss column but the PACKERS have the edge through week 6.

The PACK may have some trouble this week with Peyton Manning and the COLTS, who just dismantled the top defense in the NFL last week. With Al Harris out again this week, can the PACKERS secondary stop the duo of Harrison and Wayne? Doubt it. After a much needed rest in week 8, Aaron Rodgers will take the team on a two game road trip against the TITANS (who I expect to be 6-1 at that point) and the VIKINGS whom they beat in week 1. The PACKERS chances to win the Division should be clear by week 12 and it doesn't look good. I have them losing that three game stretch (weeks 11 - 13).

The BEARS are sitting at .500 due to 3 losses in which they lost by a total of 8 points. All three losses,by the way, came from 3 pretty good teams all from the same Division. The BEARS have the ability to put points on the board, but can their defense do enough to keep them in the win column? It going to be a tough road but I think they have the best chance to win the division. We'll have to wait and see but they should beat the VIKINGS twice and may split with the PACKERS.

Finally, the VIKINGS. Adrian Peterson may be the only reason the VIKINGS have a chance this year, but without a QB, I just don't see them finishing on top. The trouble for them comes in weeks 10 through 13 where they face two Division rivals and two road games against the BUCS and JAGS. Bye week 13 the VIKINGS my be too beat up to finish. I have them playing for the Division lead when the BEARS come to town, but I have the BEARS walking out winners.

My pick for the NFC North....Da' BEARS.

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